Thursday, 3 September 2009

First day of school...

So today was the first day of school and so, it was also my first day of 6th form... which is slightly daunting thinking of how fast all these years have flown by. I remember by first day at secondary school when I was 11. Now I'm practically a grown up. Scares me a bit.

We have to wear smart clothing and I quite liked what I was wearing if I say so myself, and everyone else seemed to like it too. But lets face it jeans and tshirt would be SOOOOOO much easier to work in. They also made this "bistro" for the 6th formers, it's meant to be all great and stuff with wi-fi and a cool atmosphere. It was cool for the first 5 minutes. Then we realised you had to have a password for the wi-fi. Then it was a bit small, and a bit silly really. AND MY LOCKER HAS SOMEONE ELSE'S CRAP FROM LAST YEAR IN IT! Filled with food and drinks. I'm never going in there.

I'm doing the IB diploma over the next 2 years and I'm kind of looking forward to it but kind of not. There are about 10 people in each of my classes. I'm used to about 30! No one talks, so it seems like it's just me giving the teacher information and it's just a bit annoying. None of my close friends are in any of my classes, but then again hardly any of them are doing the IB. This sucks. I suppose it will get better in due course, but the day was just kind of crappy really. I got a ton of homework including read a book by next week and do a presentation for tomorrow. asdjghiornksjdnb,!

Anyway! I got home and read 'The Catcher in the Rye' and finished it. It's quite a heart warming book I felt. So that was enjoyable. THEN the water stopped flowing through the taps. GREAT.

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