Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Man Flu

So I have just finished a mountain of maths homework. I'm not even joking a slightest bit! It was ridiculous, I have two maths lessons a week and somehow that equates to me having about 20 maths problems to solve. It's not even as if they were hard. They were easy and the same thing over and over and over and over. Argh. Never mind, it is not done. So that is good and I feel refreshed and ready to start other homework. Including a philosophy essay and presentation, Theory of Knowledge article work, musical phrasing of Mozart’s Symphony 41 and a German exercise and translation activity. Oh the joys of school.

I felt horrible all day. Philosophy, first period, was awful. No one was feeling well and there are about 7 people in my class, so it’s a class where you can’t just sit back and listen to other people for a whole lesson. So everything I said, started off just fine and then kind of carried on into nonsense language as I slowly realized what I was saying had no point or was just a very poorly constructed sentence. I have the “back to school” illness, which is completely pointless. It’s just a cold, and a sore throat, yet it makes you feel so incredibly weak and bleurgh. It’s the only way to describe it.

I encountered something not very nice today between two people. Basically person A had told a teacher something about person B, as a friend, as a person who is concerned over person B, and therefore acting as a good person. Person B, however, did not see it in this way and when person found out about what person A had done, she came up to person A and had a massive go at her. It was in front of loads of people, and I had just been talking to A so I was right by, and even for me it was embarrassing to watch. I could just see how humiliated A was by this confrontation, and although I understand both sides of what the people were thinking, I did not think that person B had the right to talk to person A like that. Also seeing as person A is the single most caring and loving person I have ever encountered. So erm, yeah, I know it’s not right, but I do not like person B.

I am actually in LOVE with Wednesdays. I only have two “real” lessons tomorrow. I have TOK first. Which is just fake. Then I have philosophy, and biology, then CAS in which I have a free, as I only have it alternating weeks, and then I have home study, where I get to go home period 5. YEY!

I was talking to the two new girls who are doing IB and who are in some of my lessons today about their old schools, and how different it was to theirs. Our school is tame! The things they told about their schools sound like something out of some weird book about school. Our school is a grammar school and so it is selective for the top 20% of the area in academic subjects. People who are not in this top percentage go to a comprehensive school, unless they pay for a public school. They talked about how so many people in their year got pregnant in year 10, how there were fights almost everyday, and it was just normal. How people came in high on drugs, and how many of the people in their classes are now young offenders. It sounds crazy to me, because our school is so strict on these things, there was a 6th former a while back who got asked to leave the school because she had become pregnant, and she was over 16. It just makes me realize that I know nothing about the outside world. I am just in my capsule with all my “nerdy” friends, who study, go out to the occasional party, don’t smoke, and don’t sleep around with random strangers, don’t deal with drugs or get into trouble with the police. I know it sounds weird, but it would have been good to experience these things, so I didn’t take my own school for granted as much as I do. I don’t think about how lucky I am compared to others. Yet saying that just makes me sound big headed. I’m sure I would not be the person I am today if I wasn’t friends with the people I am friends with, or if I went to a different school or lived in a different area. I certainly would not be writing a blog right now that’s for sure.

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