Saturday, 26 September 2009


I ficking won debate on Friday!
The motion was: "Students should not have to pay for University" and I was against the motion, so Anisha and I were arguing that you should pay for university. We got all set up and there was a vote to see initially who thought what on the floor. The votes were against us. It was ridiculous, there were 27 votes for, and 6 against. We got a bit nervous, but we had gathered loads of information had a block of paper and were already scribbling points for each other to say on it. I got through almost all my points by the time I had to stop so that was good. Anisha did the rebuttal, and it was awesome! She picked up on every little point that the opposing team had said, it was great. :)
So finally after both teams had summed up and the floor had spoken the votes were taken once again, and somehow, SOMEHOW we had convinced almost everyone in the room that you should have to pay for university. I think the final count was 28 for and 5 against. We were so happy, and even more so as we basically had the harder side to fight, and although it wasn't through all that we said that changed people's minds, I like to think we had an important role in that choice.

I missed badminton today, I really need to make more of a commitment to it, but anyway I spent the whole morning at music, which was nice as I haven't spoken to rather a lot of my musical buddies in a very long time! We played a really nice piece in force 10, though I can't remember the name of it. We also played a Coldplay medley and some Jedi theme tune! HA. I really don't like that one. It's bitty, doesn't seem full enough, or how a real "force 10" piece you sound. If I can find it I'll post a link to 'I'm so Excited' that we played at the last Christmas concert. It was amazing, I'm telling you now.

I am about to go to the cinema to see 500 Days of Summer, which I have heard good things about and also that the sound track is really lovely, so I am looking forward to that, I just don't hope I fall asleep in the middle of it, seeing as I got up at 8am again today to go to music. It seems I never have a lie in, as on Sunday I seem to get up at a ridiculous time for the weekend anyway. grrr.

I have been writing another philosophy essay about my perfect Utopia and how equality would be sufficient and necessary for humanity. It seriously sounds like I am writing some presidential speech about how I can abolish equality and how it will make the world so much better in many ways. It says write a persuasive argument, so that is what I am doing.

Do you notice that I always end my paragraphs with a really short one or two word sentence in all my blogs. I was about to make the last sentence of my last paragraph half the length of what it actually is now, but I decided not to, to add some variation. I have such an urge to do it again. I just did. Dammit. I have decided to carry on with this paragraph so as not to end it there and to have a long sentence at the end of it. My clarinet and saxophone teachers were so incredibly nice to me both of my lessons this week, despite my lack of practising that I have done. I could play everything perfectly and all my scales went well. See, not practising make perfect. :P

I have a dilemma. What Johnny Durham T-shirt should I get Emily for her birthday, she says she likes the big robot one, but Vikki already has this one, so Charlotte and I thought about getting the muffin top/raincloud one. What do you think, we can't make choices make them for us please.
Talking about YouTubers, I am totally and utterly in love with Alex Day's song 'Hearts'. It's so lovely, and even though it's not perfect, it's the imperfectness that makes it so incredibly lovely to listen to. His lyrics are so genuine as well, and it's not like the clich├ęd love song. So I officially cannot wait to own this song on the 1st October.

That is all world.

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