Thursday, 20 January 2011


Yesterday was strange. A couple of my closest friends came home with me and we ate pizza, chocolate and watched Pride and Prejudice all together snuggled under one blanket on the sofa. We were just laughing about things that no one else would find funny and making funny comments about the film that no one else would understand.

Once they had all gone home I got a text saying:

'I love you :) Me and Helen cried on the way home just thinking about all going off to uni and not seeing each other that often. I'm going to miss you all so much.'

Thing is over the past two years I have made amazing friends, all of which are different and none that I will ever get tired of talking to. It scares me a bit that we'll all have to say goodbye soon. I don't think I am ready to leave school for that very reason because it means leaving people who I love.
Of course I am excited to meet new people and to build new friendships with different people, but I am afraid of forgetting what I had and losing touch with the people that knew me so well and that I could just be myself around because making friendships like that take time. Just thinking about this makes me realise how much I appreciate my friends. We don't do anything out of the ordinary and that's what I like. I like just sitting on the sofa eating rubbish and talking about things that don't matter. I can look for comfort in these people and I can be a source of comfort for them and I think I will miss having a people in my life like that for the first months of university. Friendships like the ones that I have built over the past years are not immediate, but they are something I really want to work at and make more of.

I just really don't want to forget the friends and memories that I have already had because I just want to know these people forever.