Monday, 14 September 2009


I finally changed my option to music. Ms Stanley didn't eat my head, she said I should do whatever I wanted to do, and that I should still carry on with acting and such outside school :) so happy times. I really would like to know what the school show is going to be this year! Rumour is there is no musical this year! Which I find hard to grasp the concept of. For my whole school life there has always been a musical and they have always been AMAZING! Singing in the Rain, Girlfriends, The Secret Garden, Little Women and A Winter's Tale. Though I have never actually been in one, seeing as I cannot for the life of me dance, which is what brings me down every blooming year. I have, however been in the orchestra and would love to do that again. But no. I can't.
I do want to audition for the play, and I am hoping for something like Alice in Wonderland, because I think that could be fantastic!

I also do this lesson called Theory of Knowledge (TOK) as a part of the IB course, and I swear to God, it drives you insane. I also take philosophy, but TOK is something else. Every little thing we say e.g. "I am sitting on a chair" - How do you know you are sitting on a chair? - How do you know it is a chair? - How can you feel it with your senses? - What if your senses are fake?
AARRGH. You leave the class thinking you know nothing and it never fails to destroy any hope you have in the world. You learn you can't trust anyone or anything, because there is no proof and always doubt that what they tell you is "false". OH the joys of TOK.

I haven't watched TV in about a month. I blame YouTube. Speaking of YouTube, Charlotte just went out into the village in her pjs as a punishment for something or other rule breaking. Oh, the things we do for the pleasure of our friends.

English people tend to talk about the weather a lot, not even in awkward situations, just as general conversation with friends and such. So, now I am going to talk about the weather. It started off really nice, really really really nice. Then it got to break, I stepped outside and it was raining but it was also really humid. I hate this type of weather. It's the worst type. There is nothing suitable you can wear to be prepared for this weather. It's hot, chilly, and rainy all at the same time. It should legitimately not be possible.

And with that note of the weather I shall be off.

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