Thursday, 24 September 2009


I have about 3 lots of philosophy homework to get through, and I am sitting at the computer. This does not bode well. Argh, I can't be asked to go and start it! Might do my German instead.

I'm having really good conversations with my friends at the moment. Today, at lunch we talked about how it we absolutely have to stay friends until we die (ha) so we can all go on huge holidays with all our families and each other, and how weird our children will think we are when we are together and talk about YouTube, Oliver Tompsett, crazy books, ideal boys, and all that. Of course we won't be like that when we are older, but I really do hope we will be as close as we are now. :) I think that YouTube helps a lot, and especially in two years when we all go off to uni around or even (Vikki) OUT of the country, it will be a good way to keep in contact and tell them about what is happening in my life.

I don't feel like I have a whole load of friends, I'm kind of the one who is friends with everyone and has a few close friends. Without them there I think I really would feel truly lost. I just love how similar we all are in the way we think, we don't want to throw away our childhood and be fully fledged adults now that we are 16, we want to do crazy stuff, be a bit embarrassing and have fun without thinking of what will follow. I also love how different we all are, like our cultures and families are completely different, which in turn creates amazing conversations and exciting for me to be around them. <3

The dress code at school is actually ridiculous, I wore a checked blouse today and got told I can't wear it. Who are they kidding?! This is like a prison, not a nice work environment! It really does make my blood boil! My clarinet teacher and I (who actually was REALLY nice to me today) had a big discussion about it, she got so annoyed that she said she would tell the newspaper. HAHA!

Anyway, philosophy homework beckons, must go do a plan for this timed essay I have tomorrow. Great...

On the plus side I got "ubermensch of the week" (super-person of the week) (yeah it's weird) in my class, and people voted for me. So I feel loved yey. :)

Today was good :)

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