Sunday, 20 September 2009

Today I have done lots and now I am bored

It's one of those days where I do loads, and then I stop doing loads of stuff, and then I am bored. But you know, out of my own choice, because there are a number of things I could do and want to do, but just can't be bothered to do.
Ever felt like that?

I'll take you through my day:
1. I got up at 7 AM. Because the cat was making her "I'm lonely, come down" mieow.
2. I sat at and did my essay whilst everyone else was still in bed.
3. I read the Bell Jar for a while.
4. Everyone else woke up.
5. Had a shower.
6. Ate breakfast, with pastries hmmmmm.
7. Finally finished my essay.
8. Read some more.
9. Planned, made and edited a video.
10. Played clarinet.
11. Ate lunch.
12. Went on internet.
13. Baked a carrot cake.
14. Washed up.
15. Went on msn
16. Made pre-dinner snacks

And this is where I have reached, I am sure I will reach 20 by the time I go to bed, maybe even 30, 30 things to do in a day is a lot. And though some of them are not at all exciting. I don't care. That is what I have done today, so far. I have also realised that that was quite a boring to way to blog my day. But what the hell, today I did it. It was easy and didn't take a lot of my brain power.

My carrot cake looks pretty flat, despite the two teaspoons of baking powder I put in it. Ah well, the tops all nice a crispy, which makes it all the more appealing to eat. Like a muffin top. yum! Dinner is not ready for another two hours, and I'm pretty hunger, hence the pre-dinner snacks I made. But sigh, I shall probably not even be hungry by the time dinner come around. Always the same isn't it.

My dad has put another photo of his in a frame next to the laptop. It's wonky. It is seriously driving me insane knowing that right next to me there is a picture which is wonky inside the frame. I can't change it, because I don't know how, and it's one of those things which I should do to keep my boredness at bay, but I can't be bothered to do it. Nevermind. I have to learn Mozart's symphony number 41, I haven't even listened to any of it, HA. Let's not worry about that now.

My Father has returned from the army barracks open day, HURRAH! He has seriously been there all day, taking photos most likely.

These are things I could do:
1. Tidy my room
2. Play saxophone
3. Pack my bag ready for tomorrow
4. Get everything ready for tomorrow
5. Read my book
6. Go outside

But unfortunately I cannot be bothered, and most of these things will probably be done in a mad rush at around 9 tonight.

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