Monday, 31 August 2009

Not much

Do you know what I just did? LOL. I named this blog "Not Much" and then I pressed publish post by accident. Made me laugh :)
ANYWAY! Today I did nothing which was nice as I had had a full weekend. Well doing nothing isn't entirely true. I found some newspaper articles about random stuff for school, some of them were interesting, so that was quite nice to do. Then I played my instruments which I haven't played in about a month (bad musician), I enjoyed it a lot.
OH YEAH! I finished Sophie's World, I enjoyed it, though I didn't think that the ending made much sense so if anyone would wish to explain it to me feel free.
I made a video for my YouTube channel telling the world what I did in my summer holidays now that there are only 2 days left. It was nice to think about all those fun times again and I got kind of sentimental about it all, because I have had such an AMAZING summer and I've experienced and done things which I never thought I would do and things which were so out of my reach earlier on. I've had boring days, but I've never truly been bored or upset about anything and I'm glad for that. I bet all my summer fun will come crashing down on me probably the second day at school and my video will be "I HATE SCHOOL!" but never mind. Life can't be all about the good.

Sunday, 30 August 2009

London Again

So today I went to London for the second time this weekend. Yesterday was more fun and interesting by far but what can you do.
We went and saw art. First the Tate Britain with this guy who walked and made art in the countryside and stuff, it was pretty good. Apparently he walked crazily fast he did like 113 miles in 3 days, and 1020 miles in 33 days CRAZY. To anyone who has done Duke of Edinburgh you will understand me when I ask "HOW?" Anyway he did these awesome word art things where he described what he saw on his walks or what he heard and things like that. I thought that was pretty cool.
Then we went to Kensington Gardens and took a look at the Serpentine pavilion, it's nice, but it's not like WOAH! Anyway there was this guy there who was checking to see if people were touching it (what is it with the public not being allowed to touch things?), I thought this was a bit odd, it was outside. The rain and the wind and the suns rays can touch it yet human hands cannot.... hm.
Then we went in the gallery and there was this weird exhibition on with contemporary art. There were these blow up toys that children use at the beach and such stuck through objects like ladders and chairs. They were actually aluminium.
I don't know how I feel about this kind of art. One way I think it's great how people can be so creative and such. Then other ways I just think "what is this crap?"

art is sometimes weird. sometimes a bit too weird. but I suppose that's the thing that makes it art. the weirdness.

I've nearly finished reading Sophie's World. It's the same kind of concept as above.

3 days til school = end of summer = bad!

Saturday, 29 August 2009


Okay I realised my blog has some kind of weird layout thing which I don't know how to get rid of, oh well.

TODAY was Summer in the City and it was amazing. It was my first youtube gathering and I was feeling a bit nervous when we approached Hyde Park gates, but I was also really excited about just meeting and hanging out with people who shared the same interest as me. It was awesome, first of all we just kind of mingled and people came to chat to us and stuff which was really nice.
Then we played pass the parcel which was crazy as there were around 200 people, it must have looked so odd for passers by and sure enough a few people stopped to look and ask what was going on.
"What's going on here"
"erm it's a YouTube gathering"
"what do you do?"
"erm. gather?"
yeah it's great explaining to people (Y)
I met Alex, Charlie, Jazza, Kristina, Liam, Steve and loads of other amazing people who I'm so sorry I can't remember the names of :(
We left at around 5pm as we had to catch the train back, so we didn't go to the venue which was a bit sad but Vikki's job has to come first. :)
Everyone was really friendly and I'm really glad we went though it was kind of on a whim. But that's the fun spontaneous London trips are the best.

I have sunburn and a bit of a headache, but the awesomeness of the day makes up for anything bad that can happen for the rest of the day! Which won't happen :)
Ahhh life makes me happy.

Friday, 28 August 2009


It's been over a year since I last did a blog! This is bad times.
So I decided to re-start as I am almost about to start the new school year.

I don't even know how this will turn out, I used to be a wiz at blogs and all the stuff HTML things. But not so much anymore. I'm just typing furiously at my computer....

Yesterday was results day where everyone in the UK (minus Scotland and Southern Ireland) aged 16 got their GCSE results. Everyone was really nervous and scared the morning we got them and facebook was never ending status' reading "AHHHHH GCSE RESULTS, GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!" and mine was "I'm so excited. Is that weird?" I got about 15 comments stating that it was infact WEIRD that I felt this way. But to be honest I knew I had done well. Now I just sound like some boastfull nerd/boff person, but who cares.... Now I just sound arrogant. hm
My results were good. here they are:

Geography: A*
Additional Science: A*
Biology: A*
German: A*
Physics: A*

Maths: A (WOOP)
Drama: A
Music: A
Science: A
Chemistry: A
English Lang: A
Religious Studies: A


So I am proud of myself :) My Mum even got out the Champagne. I don't like champagne... AH WELL! :)

Then I didn't really do anything for the rest of that day. We came home, and went blackberry picking with my friend Ellen on our bikes, which was fun! Then we came home, ate the smallest fraction of the blackberries that we had picked, had homemade ice cream, made raspberry milkshakes, and that was lunch. (Y)

Today the internet was down til around 6pm, which sucked so I couldn't upload my vlog onto youtube.

Tomorrow is SUMMER IN THE CITY! yayness. I'm excited, if not a little nervous, I've never been to a youtube gathering and I don't know anyone else who is going besides the 3 people I am going with. But I aim to make friend, so if you are there, and you read this, shout Julia! at the top of your lungs and I shall surely respond. :)

It was nice to blog. Tomorrow? YES!