Friday, 20 June 2008

Messin' with Mozart

Well ok, i know it was a while back I admit, but I have finally got round to writing about Messin' With Mozart.

We had rehersals all weekend at our school, which went on for hours upon hours on end!
The on THE DAY we went to the central theatre and rehersed under lights and technical stuff. We added the London Sinfonia Orchestra in and it sounded super good! I feel sorry for westend actors though being up there in costumes makeup singing dancing acting and not dying! The lights are so hot! I very nearly almost melted!
We also had the delight of having someone with a camera follow us all day! JOY! Its fun at first but annoying when every 2 seconds they stick the camera in you face and say "A few words?!"
The concert went really well and everyone enjoyed it loads although it was nice to go back home and collapse in bed! =]