Friday, 18 March 2011

Warwick and Exeter now. So indecisive.

Friday, 11 March 2011

After all this time

TOK is sent off, German individual oral is over, philosophy coursework handed in, maths coursework handed in, English coursework handed in, Biology coursework almost done, Music coursework done, Extended essay sent off to Sri Lanka. Seeing a trend? Finally after so many months of turmoil everything is finally drawing in and coming to an end. And finally I revise to my heart's content. And, seriously, I want to revise. A lot.

I gave in my university choices to the school today to okay them. Warwick and University of East Anglia. After many pro and con lists, scrutinizing of the prospectuses, traveling from the very very top of England to the very very bottom, endless discussions with friends and teachers, interviews, rejections and offers, I have finally made my decision, based on nothing but what I want. And I am very happy and so excited. I feel that I have exhausted school and I am ready for something new in terms of education (if I could take my friends life would be perfect!). But yes, extremely happy and ready to revise to get my 38+ (I WANT 40) points that I need to get into Warwick.

All I can say, is that I am ready to sleep for a month. Hibernate. Though preferably, I would like to sleep and wake up as some kind of super human genius who just knows everything and will pass exams with flying colours, getting 45 points out of 45 points. Yes, that would most definitely suit me fine.