Saturday, 9 January 2010

Thursday, 7 January 2010

It snowed today

Right now it is snowing again, and we have the day off school. Don't you think that the snow makes everything look so beautiful? Charlotte and I went out this morning and we had the huge hill all to our selves, with a few people wandering through it every now and again. It truly was amazing to stand at the top of the hill and look down on snow topped houses and endless fields and trees all white from the pure snow.
I think last night our family had the mutual decision not to get up for school and work, so we stayed up late and didn't wake up until around 7, when we thought we should actually check out whether or not the school was closed. This internet didn't work, so that was the first sign that the snow was bad everywhere. My mum sat in bed for a while listening to the radio, but in the end I just borrowed my dad's iPhone and was able to access the school website, and sure enough the school was closed. We all went back to bed.
I seriously don't think I could have got up and gone to school though, my bed was just so comfortable and my eyes seemed just to close by themselves no matter how much I willed them to be open and read my book. By the time I had woken up again, both my parents had left for work and it was around 9 am. I decided to get up and make the most of my snow day, which includes: playing in the snow, watching an episode of Doctor Who, writing a blog, doing my English and philosophy homework, making part of a video and basically eating lots of food. Snow days are just the best type of holiday. I love the unexpectedness of them and how special they are, because, really, we are meant to be at school. They make me happy. Snow makes me smile.

Emily, Vikki, Charlotte and I are in the process of composing a new song about the 10th Doctor. I really like it, it's sort of anonymous and his name is not mentioned, so only if you know about the Doctor Who series, do you have any idea of what the song is about. If you don't know, then you really don't know what we are going on about. I like it that way, it makes it feel more personal to our experiences, what we like, and how we reacted to the final couple of episodes.

The Christmas tree still isn't down despite it being the 6th January yesterday, and it is supposedly bad luck to keep it up for longer. It's pretty dry, but I really do hate wrapping up decorations and placing them in boxes that seem too small to keep everything in them, it's so laborious and boring. I have pleasingly gone round the whole tree picking off the chocolates that no one ate over Christmas, and by it being a snow day, this doesn't make me feel bad. Who needs post-Christmas diets?!

I should probably make lunch, but I really can't be bothered. I feel like that all the time, maybe I'm just lazy, but I can never be bothered to make my own lunch, I just see it as pointless. Probably because I snack throughout the day and then I will randomly just take some fruit amongst all the bad stuff that I put in my mouth to balance it out, and I like to end with a cold apple, makes me feel healthy.

We have ordered Doctor Who series one, of the new who, because we have only ever seen one or two of those episodes, but who knows when it will arrive. Even with around 3 cm of snow, England comes to a standstill. It's kind of funny to see the country fail, and see how unorganised and unprepared we are for even the slightest bits of snow. Anyway, on with the snow day. The next thing on my list is an English essay which I have been putting off for about three days. No time like the present to get that done. I wish this could have been my essay.