Saturday, 29 August 2009


Okay I realised my blog has some kind of weird layout thing which I don't know how to get rid of, oh well.

TODAY was Summer in the City and it was amazing. It was my first youtube gathering and I was feeling a bit nervous when we approached Hyde Park gates, but I was also really excited about just meeting and hanging out with people who shared the same interest as me. It was awesome, first of all we just kind of mingled and people came to chat to us and stuff which was really nice.
Then we played pass the parcel which was crazy as there were around 200 people, it must have looked so odd for passers by and sure enough a few people stopped to look and ask what was going on.
"What's going on here"
"erm it's a YouTube gathering"
"what do you do?"
"erm. gather?"
yeah it's great explaining to people (Y)
I met Alex, Charlie, Jazza, Kristina, Liam, Steve and loads of other amazing people who I'm so sorry I can't remember the names of :(
We left at around 5pm as we had to catch the train back, so we didn't go to the venue which was a bit sad but Vikki's job has to come first. :)
Everyone was really friendly and I'm really glad we went though it was kind of on a whim. But that's the fun spontaneous London trips are the best.

I have sunburn and a bit of a headache, but the awesomeness of the day makes up for anything bad that can happen for the rest of the day! Which won't happen :)
Ahhh life makes me happy.

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