Friday, 28 August 2009


It's been over a year since I last did a blog! This is bad times.
So I decided to re-start as I am almost about to start the new school year.

I don't even know how this will turn out, I used to be a wiz at blogs and all the stuff HTML things. But not so much anymore. I'm just typing furiously at my computer....

Yesterday was results day where everyone in the UK (minus Scotland and Southern Ireland) aged 16 got their GCSE results. Everyone was really nervous and scared the morning we got them and facebook was never ending status' reading "AHHHHH GCSE RESULTS, GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!" and mine was "I'm so excited. Is that weird?" I got about 15 comments stating that it was infact WEIRD that I felt this way. But to be honest I knew I had done well. Now I just sound like some boastfull nerd/boff person, but who cares.... Now I just sound arrogant. hm
My results were good. here they are:

Geography: A*
Additional Science: A*
Biology: A*
German: A*
Physics: A*

Maths: A (WOOP)
Drama: A
Music: A
Science: A
Chemistry: A
English Lang: A
Religious Studies: A


So I am proud of myself :) My Mum even got out the Champagne. I don't like champagne... AH WELL! :)

Then I didn't really do anything for the rest of that day. We came home, and went blackberry picking with my friend Ellen on our bikes, which was fun! Then we came home, ate the smallest fraction of the blackberries that we had picked, had homemade ice cream, made raspberry milkshakes, and that was lunch. (Y)

Today the internet was down til around 6pm, which sucked so I couldn't upload my vlog onto youtube.

Tomorrow is SUMMER IN THE CITY! yayness. I'm excited, if not a little nervous, I've never been to a youtube gathering and I don't know anyone else who is going besides the 3 people I am going with. But I aim to make friend, so if you are there, and you read this, shout Julia! at the top of your lungs and I shall surely respond. :)

It was nice to blog. Tomorrow? YES!

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