Monday, 31 August 2009

Not much

Do you know what I just did? LOL. I named this blog "Not Much" and then I pressed publish post by accident. Made me laugh :)
ANYWAY! Today I did nothing which was nice as I had had a full weekend. Well doing nothing isn't entirely true. I found some newspaper articles about random stuff for school, some of them were interesting, so that was quite nice to do. Then I played my instruments which I haven't played in about a month (bad musician), I enjoyed it a lot.
OH YEAH! I finished Sophie's World, I enjoyed it, though I didn't think that the ending made much sense so if anyone would wish to explain it to me feel free.
I made a video for my YouTube channel telling the world what I did in my summer holidays now that there are only 2 days left. It was nice to think about all those fun times again and I got kind of sentimental about it all, because I have had such an AMAZING summer and I've experienced and done things which I never thought I would do and things which were so out of my reach earlier on. I've had boring days, but I've never truly been bored or upset about anything and I'm glad for that. I bet all my summer fun will come crashing down on me probably the second day at school and my video will be "I HATE SCHOOL!" but never mind. Life can't be all about the good.

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