Wednesday, 16 September 2009

My biggest goal is to become a butterfly

Today was interesting and really good :) I got a lift to school with Ellen, and they came a tad too early, so I forgot my cardigan and my pencil case, but all's well that ends well. So I got to school and we had assembly which was fun because we got to sit on the STAGE and stare at the whole of the lower school with our wise old eyes. I like trying to spot people in the seating who I know and whoa re my friends and try to grab their attention using only eye contact. It strangely seems to work on some people. I love strange happenings and coincidences.
After that, I had philosophy, where we just had to invent our own Utopia, which is harder than I initially thought it would be. Everything we said had a down point, for example keeping it fair and harmonious, but then banishing wrong doers would be unfair and unjust. It was fun all the same, arguing our point of why the world we had created would be perfect and being caught out on little things that would not work in my little world. My group decided that everyone was entitled to an education, and although it would be selective and streamed in to capability, the teaching standards would be the same and everyone could take their exams when they, and the teacher felt that, that person was ready to sit the exam. Universities would also be free, but selective as well. The world would be carbon neutral and there would be no pollution as everything would be in walking or cycling proximity, and basically it would have amazing architecture and such things.

Last lesson I had a "Asprirint" meeting, which I have been selected for as the Oxbridge group. I AM SO HAPPY! But the meeting itself was a bit boring, it was just about tutoring the lower apex students and setting them challenges to try and achieve their long term goals. We were given a set of questions that we had to try out on each other. The questions were pretty simple: "What is your biggest goal?" "How will your homework help you to this goal?" "What are you going to do to challenge yourself?" but it's last lesson, no one can be bothered to take it seriously and so we made up ridiculous answers for all the questions. My goal was to become a butterfly and I was a kinaesthetic learner, so in my biology lessons about evolution, I would just build myself a cocoon and evolve into a butterfly, that way I would really learn what evolution was, by actually doing it.

Making my vlog is always a highlight of my week so I made it as soon as I came in and put it on YouTube.

Emily, Vikki, Jemma, Charlotte and I all left the school today at lunch, it feels to great to think that now we have the power to go out of the school at lunch and stuff. I might sound weird to you. But ah well. Freedom is bliss.


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