Saturday, 19 September 2009

3 days later

NEW BLOG! I seem to have ceased the everyday update of my life. Well here is one today. I am in a typing mood seeing as I have just written an essay on Angela Carter’s The Bloody Chamer which I don’t happen to like a hell of a lot. But what can you do, when you want to please the IB examiner people. Nothing, so you sit back and read a book full of twisted disgusting graphic adaptations of fairy tales including Little Red Riding Hood, Beauty and the Beast and Bluebeard (Which is already kind of vile). Fun times indeed. I also have to do a presentation on it. Well actually teach the class about another short twisted fairy tale, which too, shall be joyous. Oh you can just hear the joy in my voice can’t you.

Thursday was a bad day compared to Wednesday. I think this was partly because I had my clarinet lesson, where I forgot all my music books, and so my teacher made me to some grade 7 sight reading, which is a little out of my comfort AND playing zone. It was awful. I come out of my lessons feeling like I want to cry every time, and feeling somewhat angry at my teacher, but more at myself for not being such an able player as I probably should be. I practise like a freak, but nothing can ever please her. She acts pleased or, you know, as if it doesn’t matter that I messed up a little. But inside I can hear her thinking, “What does it take to teach that girl!” Yeah she’s lovely. Ah well, what can be done.

Friday was good. I sort of wormed my way into getting a philosophy presentation and also signing up to do the debate next week. I’m sure it will be fine though, I should take these things upon me now that I am in 6th form. It’s what the universities like to see. “Member of Debate club.” Yeah it looks good. So what the hell, I’m doing a debate about something that I don’t know yet. HA!

I didn’t get stuck to my seat as around the whole of the country didn’t. I don’t usually watch Derren Brown, but all the facebook status’ were “Oooo ready to get stuck to my seat my Derren Brown” so I was intrigued and turned it on. It clearly didn’t work as many angry facebookers logged on and told me that, with the odd one saying “I GOT STUCK” and hundreds of comments below saying really, and then the last comment reading “no, I didn’t really, just wanted to see everyone’s reactions.” So that was fun. I didn’t get stuck, and I shall probably never what one of Derren Brown’s shows again.

I also made a new YouTube account, solely for the fact that I wanted a new username, because mine was boring and unoriginal. Not that mine now is any more so, but then all my accounts match, so go to to check out my stuff. There is not a lot on there at the moment, but I have a few videos in pre-production currently, which I will probably film tomorrow if I have enough time in the day.

I GOT PROMOTED TO FIRST CLARINET (not solo) IN FORCE 10 (an orchestra that I got to) YEY! Feel joy for me.

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