Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Stressful Friendships

I do realise that this entry is directly after my previous one, but I am annoyed and I need to write down my feelings towards this certain subject.
I have a friend, who for the reason that this is a public blog shall be called "friend X"
Friend X is part of a project that we have going with 3 other people on YouTube. The project aim is to do a video once a week, each having our own individual day. Like fiveawesomegirls. The project has been going for around 1 and a half months now and despite being on holidays and such 4 of us have posted videos around 6 or 7 times. X, however has posted 2. First of all, it was that she didn't have a camera, then it was that her computer didn't have sound, now it's she doesn't have time. Today I said to X that she had a punishment because X hadn't posted a video, X replied and said, I am not doing a punishment because I didn't know there were rules and you don't make them up Julia. I said no one had objected against the rules and that if there was an objection she could have voiced her opinion on the videos comments. She said she never saw this video or the others where the rules have been published.

I know it sounds petty and everything, but it just annoys me how everyone else in the project MAKES time and effort to get out a video on their day, they enjoy watching the other videos and don't make a huge deal about something like a silly punishment. I have told X before that she needs to make a video, leading her to a cheap camera which would be good and suggest ways she can view, edit and record the videos. She just makes excuses constantly for everything. I don't want to shout at her, because she's my friend and it's no use being annoyed at people. But it's so damn irritating and annoying. She agreed the the project, why is she just making excuses now?


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