Tuesday, 8 September 2009


Today someone told me IB stats compared to A level ones:

Maddy White:
IB stats were scary today...Macauley brought a sheet of stats into history, and it said that 58% of IBers got in to their first choice uni, compared to about 24% for a-levels or something stupid, 8% a levelers got into Oxbridge and 14% IBers...it was seriously crazy stuff =/

That was copied and pasted from facebook, but that is MENTAL! I'm glad I am doing the IB now despite there being a constant battle against us and the A levelers about which qualification is best and why. But I think the answer is clear. I didn't follow the crowd. Good came from it.
Tomorrow we get to go home in period 5, because we have home study every other week, which I like, A LOT.
I really like all my lessons at the moment they are fun, though I do have this teacher for philosophy called Mr Hartley and he is senior staff. He mumbles. I HATE people who mumble.
Drives me insane!

Today also marked the day where the school when completely crazy in regards to dress code. WE CAN'T WEAR DRESSES! What is with this? Sometimes I wonder about the sanity of the people running the school. Also another thing which really made me angry today was that this new guy in our school from a comprehensive up the road and he got B's in his science GCSEs. He want to become a doctor or surgeon. He is taking biology and chemistry. The school has told him that he can't take sciences. Now his whole life plan is down the drain. They have given him the option of taking maths and buisness studies. Or dropping out of school. AAARGHGHDOIFKLAP;LSFKGNLD.,B
Makes me mad.

I also had 6 periods today. There are usually only 5 in a day, which meant staying an extra hour after school.
Friend: where are you going Julia? The way out is this way...
Me: I'm going to my next lesson
Friend: 6 LESSONS?!
Me: Yes. Every Tuesday.

Tomorrow is Wednesday. WOOPIE. Expect a video soon. Although somehow I have featured in the last 2.

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