Friday, 4 September 2009

Hey, I'm 1619 years old

I just realised this: On my profile page where you had to type in your birthday I wrote 3/4/93 because that's what I usually write. Turns out it takes 93 to literally mean year 93! So for about a year my blog has said that I am 1618-9 years old! THIS MADE ME LAUGH SO MUCH! I changed it. Too bad if you didn't see.

Speaking of changing, I had a good day at school today :) but I think I am going to change from Theatre to Geography, just because it would be so much more beneficial to me when applying to Uni's and also help me a lot more in my studies. I really don't want to tell my theatre teacher though! SHE'S GOING TO EAT ME! so erm, yes, I'm not entirely sure what exactly I am going to do right now, also the fact that there was originally only 3 people in my theatre class does not help me in changing it. THEY NEEDED THREE PEOPLE TO DO THE COURSE! aaarrrgh, so right now I am kind of in a state of panic. Wish me luck in my asking to change.

Other than that my day was good. I had English which I really enjoyed and I really like my teacher. German, which was okay, I suppose, though we did have to do presentations, and then I had maths, WHICH ACTUALLY WASN'T OKAY! (I do realise I am talking in caps quite a lot btw, it's just my emotions, and I'm not talking I am typing, but that's a different story) I put down to do standard level Maths, but apparently because my higher level subjects are mostly English/essay subjects they "assumed" that we wanted to do maths STUDIES! Which is what you do if you're not very good at maths (maths is compulsory). I thought this was incredibly rude of our teachers to un-inform us of this "change" that they had put in place. I plan on writing a letter or asking them if I can do standard level as well as changing my option. I had Biology in first period, which I really enjoyed, we're starting to study neurobiology, which I just find fascinating :)

Anyway, enough geekiness. Today is FRIDAY! I am going to read, play music, play badminton and RELAX this weekend in preparation for a FULL week at school.

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