Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Lunch times

I love how random and stupid our lunch hour was today. We went out of school hoping to meet someone, desperately tried to phone that person, who didn't show, got stood up by that person, decided we couldn't be bothered to go and sign back in after about 15 minutes and so went a little down the road and sat on a patch of grass whilst eating lunch, which we so easily could have done within the boundaries of our own school.

Today was funny, we had a free, and Jay my friend has recently got a boyfriend. Sophie another of my friends was interrogating her all of the free lesson, all in hushed voices as we were in the silent study area. It was funny to listen to, though I would not have liked to be put through all the questions and comments for an hour.

I really do not have a lot to say today, it was a more than average day where nothing out of the ordinary happened. Tomorrow I have an English presentation in which I shall make up on the spot, I have actually written something to say, but I'm aiming not to use notes, so if I have the main points in my head I can improvise around that.

I realised that this was a quite boring update, but it wasn't a particularly thrilling day and words are making my eyes feel like stones. So before I unexpected fall asleep on the keyboard and a load of random letters come up from where my head has hit it I shall now leave thee.

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