Sunday, 13 September 2009

Long loading times...

I made a video today about pencils, it was pretty random, but now I am annoyed at it! For a number of reasons.
Number 1: It was an absolute pain to film!
Number 2: It was really noisy when I filmed it
Number 3: It took around 2 hours to edit
Number 4: I was really proud of it
Number 5: For that reason I am annoyed that it never could upload to YouTube!

Aarrrgh! I have tried multiple times during the day, and it takes forever, gets half way, with half an hour left and then an error occurs and it stops. Serious annoyance.
I never did my English essay and I doubt I will actually start it today seeing as I really can't be bothered. So here I am blogging, for my own benefit more than anyone else.

Right now I can smell brownies! :) They smell so good, in fact I may go down and get one in 5 minutes . hmmm warm brownies. I have also ordered Looking for Alaska by John Green from today after looking in about a million bookshops in town and in London and failing to find it anywhere. Which might I add, is disgraceful. So that's something to look forward to, and I WILL make time to read it on top of all my school reading.

I am also currently uploading Itunes 9.0 on to the laptop, which, too is taking an age.
I also got tagged in a vlog game, to describe how you use an item in your room. Fun times, I've never been tagged before, and I believe that it is a true YouTube right of passage. :P
Okay, Itunes just closed down for unexpected reasons.

YUM! Just the right amount of chewiness :)
Tomorrow is MONDAY! This is bad, I have to tell my drama teacher that I am dropping the subject in replacement on music and I am scared!
I have overused exclamation points so much in this blog, and for that I apologise.

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