Monday, 7 September 2009

Maths Problem

So I find maths reasonably hard, sometimes I have to work feverishly to try and understand something completely, other times I just get annoyed that no one else in my class understands it.
So when choosing a maths class to be in (Standard or studies) I have to decide very carefully. If I choose standard I risk looking really stupid when I don't understand something and receiving a bad grade for my exam in the end. However if I did well it would benefit me greatly to have this qualification as it is the standard of A level maths.
Studies on the other hand would be easy. It's the standard of around AS maths and would be easy to score points in and therefore, in turn it would give me a higher mark in the IB, which again would benefit me greatly, but the maths qualification would not be as highly looked upon.
THEN there is the question about the teachers I would have. Standard I would have Mrs. Skew, a meanish, sly, cunning, mean, detention seeking, you-have-to-work-in-silence kind of teacher. OR studies I would have Mr. Poon, who is new to the school and the IB, sounds and looks really nice, but has doubtful teaching skills and also Miss. Scates who is like my favourite teacher and who got me an A last year for my GCSE maths.

AAAAARRRGGGHH! I don't know what to do. I have a maths problem which I cannot solve.

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