Thursday, 29 October 2009

Brand new tidy room

Today was so productive. Emily, Charlotte and I went to Vikki's house, more specifically her room. If anyone has seen any of Vikki's emeraldsandstuff videos you will have noticed that in the background is mess. And lots of it. So we decided to take action and do it for her. It took us around 4 hours to tidy the whole thing and sort it all out and put it away again. By the end of it we had 2 big black bin bags full of rubbish, 1 recycling bin bag full of paper and plastic, and around 7 bags filled with stuff to be given to charity, sold or given to other people.

It started off pretty slow, but then we sorted things into piled and had fun whilst dancing around to weird music including the Harry Potter audiobook. Then we sifted through everything we had sorted being brutal and mean whilst Vikki gave either a "yes" or a "no" for things she wanted to throw away.

Now you can practically cartwheel in there, whereas before it was difficult even to have three people in there at the same time. I feel that we did well, and for that we all deserve a star of good deed.

My mum has made Christmas cake and pudding today, so it is dawning on us, and though I feel it is too early for Christmas lights and songs and decorations I can't help but feel a little excitement for Christmas. :D

That's all to be said really, for the next three days I'm on a Kent Music course which should be fun, especially seeing people who I haven't seen since summer. So hopefully it won't be too stressful and the conductor won't be too mean. Unlike last time.

So farewell and until next time faithful readers. (Ellen)

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