Friday, 9 October 2009

The new title

There is blank spot just begging me to start typing in it, so now I am. It's been a while, and by that I mean like four days. But it seems like a lot longer, it now feels like that blogging has become a part of my life and that I have become bound to writing a post every couple of days and I am sorry it's been... four days. Though at the same time, who really cares.

I have been ill. What a joy. I am NEVER ill, but apparently all that has changed recently. I got a cold last week and then my immune system which is usually so wonderful has been down and caught some kind of bug which I am determined was not the swine flu, because I just refuse to get that. So anyway, for the past few days I have had no appetite despite being hungry constantly, had a fever, stomach ache and a head ache to top all that off. So it's been wonderful as you can tell. I have done literally nothing these past days apart from wondering about things I could do if I felt well enough to do them and feeling incredibly jealous of everyone of YouTube - who have kept me entertained more or less - jumping up and down, running around having twice the amount of energy that I could at this very moment ever dream of having.

There is really nothing to tell you. That is what I have done this past week. NOTHING! It really does suck and I really hate missing school. I sound like a complete nerd saying that, but it's true. Even if I say "eurgh, I hate school, it's so pointless and boring" I love it really and I really miss it when I am not there. Not only because all the teachers expect you magically to have done all the work whilst you have been dying away from them and because you miss all the cool stories and notices and meetings that were planned, but because I miss all my friends and I have no one to talk to because everyone is at work or at school. Sucks.

I am typing this blog on a mac computer, and the blogging writing space seems somehow bigger, that keyboard however is really nice to type of so, despite my lack of imagination and creativity of what to say, the keyboard is making me type more and more because it's so lovely.

I also really want to drive. This isn't a thing I have really thought about at all and I would be one of the first people to say that I don't need a car until after uni, but I want one, and I want to learn to drive. Except I have no money and my parents won't let me. I am envious over all my other friends, but I suppose they will just have to put up with me asking them for a lift every where, won't they?

I have nothing else to say, good bye

EDIT: I so totally forgot to put a title on this, and only realised after about 5 hours, and now this space wants me to spell realised like this: realized.
Which is weird.

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