Friday, 2 October 2009


Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh! My school are organising a World Challenge expedition to Peru and the Andes and the Rainforest and I REALLY CRAZY AMOUNTS WANT TO GO! This is my dream! Ever since I applied for Serious Andes and spent a lot of time looking up the Andes mountain range, researching the spectacled bears and just being a bit of a nerd really. I really hope it happens because right now it's kind of in the side lines a bit. It's been approved by our head teacher and everything but it's just if it will actually get up and running! Just imagine it, climbing up to Machu Picchu, canoeing a long the Amazon River, treking through rainforests, small villages, coming home and saying "I climbed the highest mountain in the Andes mountain range and trekked through the Amazon rainforest where I spent nights in small villages with locals who taught us how to make canoes from the trees in the forest." ARSJKGBKLAGBK.
Oh World, you have no IDEA how much I would like to go. Thing is, is that it costs £3000. We fundraise, but it's still a lot of money and it would be hard to raise that much, but literally how exciting is this opportunity, and how often to you get offered something as amazing as this!

Okay, now that is done (and although I cannot contain my excitment) I am going to write some very mundane things now. My dad is trying to install the new washing machine as our old one broke, and to be fair it had come to the end of it's life being over 10 years old. So my parents decided to buy a new one, the most expensive range, the cheapest washing machine. Yeah they're cool. Washing machines are heavy, and I highly doubt that my dad will be able to get it in all by him self ever. The future doesn't look bright and although I have already tried to help (and failed) I think that he will need my mum's crazy strength to get it in.

I saw 'Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs' last night and I marvelled at how much better 3D films have become. The colour is no longer distorted and the footage no longer gives you a headache. On the downside, you don't get retro 'one lens blue, the other red' glasses any more, they have been upgraded to ones that look like sunglasses.I was pleasantly surprised with this film, despite the cinema charging extra for 3D films, I didn't mind too much as we got in as children although we are all 16. Ah well, if you look young, you use it to your advantage.

Today was the first proper cold day in a long time, and it was COLD! I got up shivering and wanted some nice warm toast to warm me up. No bread. Alright I thought, I'll have some cereal. Poured the cereal into a bowl. Opened the fridge. No milk. Great. So I had a cold Kiwi and was hungry up until break.

The washing machine is almost in.


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