Tuesday, 27 October 2009

There's no business like show business.

Windows 7 came today, we were excited. Then we realised it would delete all our current programmes so we had to back everything up on another hard disk drive which took around 4 hours. Now thats all done and we have ourselves windows 7. I don't much like it at the moment, but I was kind of attached to the old settings and things. Mind you, I would rather have an Apple computer 100 times over. But ah well. It was a good deal seeing as we got a discount for being students. Now we just have to load all our programmes and files back onto the computer and see how it turns out. I doubt that I will be able to use it. The first thing I said, was that it looked like sims 3. Which to be honest I don't much like. Though I will probably get used to both in the long run. Speaking of sims, I haven't been on since before the summer, I feel that sims is a "phase" game, which I only play during one of my sim phases. Usually when I have way too much time to know what to do with.

I'm typing on the Mac, and once again the box in which I am typing seems really huge. I have been going for around five minutes and still have failed to fill up half the box which blogger so kindly allow me to write in.

Yesterday I went to London with my Dad. I saw that my friend, Jay, was also going up there for a hospital thing she had in the neurology department up there. I replied to her facebook status saying "I'm going to London too, imagine if we meet, it would be weird, though it would probably never happen seeing the size of us is tiny in proportion to the size of London. Good Luck with your hospital thing." Guess what happened...

We got to the train station early and ran down the road when we saw the train approaching, we didn't pay for a ticket as there was no one at the ticket office and the permit to travel machine didn't work. Not only did we get on the same train as Jay, we got on the same carriage. Which was so incredibly weird. Seriously though, what are the chances. I didn't know what time she was going, or what station she was going to. Ah I love it when things like that happen. Anyway, no ticket person came through the train on the way up to London, and we got off at Waterloo East, where there were no barriers or places to pay for tickets, so some how we managed... not to pay.

Once we were in London we went to the Hayward art gallery and saw an exhibition by Ed something. He had a weird surname which I can't really remember what is. After we did this we went to the Young Vic which was where the show "Annie get your Gun" was, which was the show we were seeing. We had also reserved a table at the restaurant and we just went in there early as we were cold and wanted food.

The show was amazing. And the actor who played Annie was really good. I was amazed at how well she acted and how well she sang and things like that. I would go and see it again and recommend it to all my friends. The theatre was really small and cozy and we sat upstairs on the front row and we could see everything so clearly.

Today I did homework. It was not fun.

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