Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Today it was cold all day

I applied for the National Youth Theatre last year, and unfortunately didn't get in. I kind of had that feeling as I was almost the youngest at the audition and there were loads of other people with further and better experience than I had. It was a fun day though and hardly nerve-racking at all. So I am trying again for the second time. I hope this time I will get in because I know what to expect, what they are looking for and have been to see plenty more plays which I can choose a monologue from for my individual audition. The online application for auditions has changed and is almost more 'high-tech' this year. First of all I had to fill out my name and address and wher I had heard out about NYT. Then it went on to ask me random stuff like phone numbers and email address, then on the next page it said select a location where you would like to audition in a drop down menu. So I clicked Maidstone because it's around half an hour away from where I live. Confirmed it. Booked it. Paid. Got a confirmation email...

Dear Julia,

Thank you for your application to join the National Youth Theatre. We're really excited about meeting you and would like to confirm your audition details as:

Aberystwyth University,
Pantycelyn Conference Suite,
Old College,
King Street,
SY23 2AX,
United Kingdom

Erm, this is in Wales. I cannot go to Wales to audition for the National Youth Theatre. My mum and Charlotte find this hilarious that I have an audition in Wales which I clearly cannot attend. I sent them an email back, and I just checked my inbox and they have corrected it, so I will not be going to Wales. YEY!

I'm going to see 'Up' tomorrow, which I am quite excited about as it has got good reviews and such things. It's silly, it's only just come out in England yet it's been out in America for a few months at least I think, which I find is odd.

Today was quite nice, though I do not understand the slowness of year sevens. I have to mentor a year seven geography class every other Wednesday last period, and my god, they are annoying. They were merely marking another persons test and the answers were on the board for them to mark it from. All the test was, was labelling some cities and rivers and mountain ranges in Britain. One person thought Kent (the county we live in) was in Wales. Another said "I've put Manchester, but it says the answer is Liverpool, can I still have the mark?" NOOOOOOOO. Why is it so hard for them. I really would like to know if I was like that when I was eleven years old. I hope I was not.

I was meant to have a timed essay in philosophy today, however my teacher - who I hate, though maybe a little less now - told us just to work in pairs and note down all of Plato's philosophical ideas, so that was nice of him. I also had a music test which I got 14.5/20 in. Kind of sucks, because it was the worst in the class (despite there only being three of us) but what can be helped they have eight lessons a week, I only have four and though I feel kind of upset about it, even though I shouldn't because it's a good mark, I feel bad for not getting any higher.

I want to see 'Nation' at the National Theatre as well. But I have no one to go with. I think I will force someone to come with me, otherwise I'll be a loner going to the theatre on my own.

Today it was cold ALL DAY!

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