Saturday, 3 October 2009

Collage on a Wall

I was just looking forward to a few hours in the house on my own to geek out or whatever as my mum has gone out with her friends, when my sister and dad return from London full of energy and making noise, which I do not want, doing things I was about to do and changing the way they do them, asking me to do stuff that I don't want to do... sucks.

I just helped my mum get ready for her night out. Bless. She's a bit hopeless, so I did her makeup for her, which I must say looked very nice, and helped her choose what to wear. I swear, she practically only has work suits, no smart casual things to wear, which is annoying because she has so many clothes, yet none she can really wear.

Today I created a wall montage on my... wall. I took down all my tickets and my cork notice board and stuck it all on to the wall, which now looks great in my opinion and I can keep adding to it and look at all these memories at once. Today didn't consist of very much else apart from the ever exciting Peru news. I have been looking up World Challenge things this evening and every one of them looks amazing no matter where it is. It's just Peru is just that little extra special.

I haven't done any homework, but I saw Claire today, I missed Claire so much, she's uber cool. She moved from Malaysia in year 6 and came into my primary school, we took the 11+ and got into the same secondary school which was awesome. Now she's moved to a different school for 6th form so I don't see her as often, but she came to music today and it was very lovely.

Pizza is ready, Bye lovely people.

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