Sunday, 11 October 2009

Satisfying Crunch

Okay, I am slightly addicted to the apples we have in the house at the moment. Their crunch is so satisfyingly pleasant when you bite into them, and their taste is so sweet with a bit of added zing, and I've eaten about five of them in around two hours and there are now only two left. Bad times, but seriously, these are like the nicest apples I have tasted in a very very very long time :). I feel I am quite particular over which apples I like. I absolutely hate it when you get a fluffy apple. You know the ones which you bite into and it's all powdery, there in so crunch or anything to get your teeth into, it's just powder? I hate them. I hate them when they have no taste, and if I get one of these two types of apples I take around five bites and throw it away, because I can't eat them, they are just grotesque. Now enough of apples.

I have also made a treacle sponge pudding today, which is at the present moment happily steaming away in the kitchen hopefully cooking into a soft, moist, flavourful, sticky mess. YUM, I can't wait, downside - it still has around an hours left in the steamer before it's ready. But I was quite impressed with myself and my ability to make it. Despite not having the right flour and the right sugar I hope it has turned out okay as I tried out with some substitutes, more baking powder and a mixtures of sugars. HA, I do love unhealthy foods, especially those you make yourself, because you can see all the sugar that goes in, though really that should be a bad thing. In this particular pudding there are three tablespoons of golden syrup, one tablespoon of black treacle and around 200 grams of sugar. HMM yum, teeth rotting stuff.

Aside from food, which is seeming to take up a lot of my blog. I went to a concert last night - a classical concert with an orchestra and a piano concerto. As I am taking music for IB my teacher constantly goes on about us needing to go and see music and so he told us to go to this one (I suspect partly because he was in it) because it was free. So we went and it was surprisingly good with some very lively music. It was a pretty funny trip though as my music class consists of three people, namely the ones who went to see the orchestra. So really, theoretically this was a school trip. It was great. HAAA.

My treacle pudding has risen. A lot. I just went and checked it and the lid no longer fits on the steamer. Oh dear, I hope this doesn't jeopardize my chances of it turning out good.

Today I wrote an essay in German. It was immense, I'm telling you.

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