Thursday, 22 October 2009

Bad Day

I had an awful day, which just totally sucked because it was the last day of term, which is meant to be a happy thing but my day was just so bad I just couldn't help but not be happy. It felt like it started bad, then got gradually worse. In actual fact it didn't but you know how everything just keeps adding up and you just feel more down? Well that's what I felt like.

I got up and my arm hurt from my HPV vaccine that I got yesterday, I'm not saying that it is a bad thing, but it was just annoying. So I decided not to cycle because I probably couldn't deal with the muscle ache in my arm whilst leaning on my handlebars. This meant I had to get the bus home. Which is a bad thing, but more of that later...

I came to school and everything was jolly, until I remembered I had a timed essay to write in English which I had forgotten to study for, plus the book and the title of the essay was the dullest thing in the history of English. So that was basic fail. Also, during my first period of English, my friend Hannah came in and asked my teacher to talk to me. So I went out, not wanting to seem rude and say no because I was in the middle of a test. Anyway, she asked me if I could play clarinet for a year 13's music tech recording. She said that I was the last person who could do it as the other people who were meant to were absent. She said it wouldn't take long. I went to my second period; German first though to tell my teacher where I would be and she told me not to be more than half the lesson. So I went down there. Turned out I missed 3/4 of the lesson and I didn't even do anything and got asked to come back at break. Missed break. Got asked to come back fifth lesson. Missed my free. Just pissed me off so much. I had to cancel meeting up with one of my friends because I had too much to do, and it just sucked. To top that all off, I had to pay £2.60 on the bus home which is adult fare. I couldn't be bothered to argue but told the bus driver that I had never paid this before, he showed no sympathy, and then stupid idiotic year sevens decide to screech higher than any girl can willing themselves to annoy the other people on the bus. I swear to God I could have killed either one of them. Why is it so good to be able to screech highly for a boy, really shows your masculinity doesn't it? Then some of the older year 10 boys decided to "settle" the problem by pouring water over them. NO.
It seriously makes me angry.

So that was my day, I know it sounds pathetic, but it was total crap.
And I am sort of annoyed at myself for feeling like that all day, and I know I could have just brushed it past, but I wanted to be grumpy, because today when I was upset people were like "Ah, Julia, smile, this isn't like you to be upset, it's not in your character." Well it is.

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