Tuesday, 3 November 2009

64 Zoo Lane

For the past few days I have been at a music course for a wind band I am in and I play clarinet in it. I play 2nd clarinet, partly because the 1st part is hard, partly because there are people better than me, and partly because I have no faith in my clarinet playing. I never put myself forward for a solo or anything for fear of getting it wrong and the other people looking at me as if I am really rubbish because I just did the completely wrong rhythm or played the wrong notes. I find playing a musical instrument reasonably difficult and I have had to work really hard to be able to get to where I am. Most of the people - actually - all of the people playing 1st clarinet were younger than me, which kind of makes me feel a bit, you know, bad. I know people say that there is no such thing as natural talent, but please, there must be. Anyway, despite that, it was really fun and I really enjoyed my time playing 2nd clarinet alongside people who are actually my age. We played 64 Zoo Lane, which to anyone who doesn't know is a the theme tune to a children's TV show and it's really annoyingly catchy! I am serious from the first time we played it through it has gone round and round and round in my head without any indication of leaving. I go to bed and it's there. I wake up and it's there. I brush my teeth in time to the music. It is a good tune to play and fun, but man does it stick. The concert was really good as well, and I got to see friends which I hadn't seen in ages and make new friends as well. Plus I like having something which is purely my own and no one else's in my family.

The concert was Sunday and after that I went to Emily's house for a sleepover. It was good fun, apart from watching White Noise, it's not even that scary a film, but I just couldn't watch it. All the sounds and things made it worse, but I suppose it was funny afterwards when we found Mr Bean's Holiday which we could watch to get the scariness out of our systems. We are such wimps. Hahaaa.

On the Monday we all went up to London and went crazy, seriously we went to Camden Market, the Tate, platform 9 3/4 (which, by the way they have changed the location of, and is now a bitter disappointment), Hamleys and various other places which I now have forgotten. It was really fun, but I was glad when we got on the train and we could just relax and think of nothing but the comforts of our own beds and a day tomorrow to do nothing in.

And rightly so I did nothing, other than a bit of German homework and read Catching Fire, which I could not put down, but alas, I had to stop reading, as I had done so for the most of the day. It also rained all day, and I quite fancied going out. But I did not. Tomorrow is school, though it can't be that bad as I only have 3 real lessons to which I have to attend. We do however have a seminar last (?) but I have a free before that so that should be fine and dandy. I wanted to go and see a film in the cinema but I have forgotten what it is I actually want to see. But A Christmas Carol is out soon and we saw them setting up for the premiere yesterday in London in Leicester Square. Looked Wonderful.

Perfect timing, Food is ready. And yes, Food deserves a capitalization at this moment because I am hungry.

I also have an idea for a video on my own YouTube channel, finally.

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