Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Literary Horizons

I totally forgot it was my friends birthday today. I mean she's not like a close friend but I've known her for ages, since year 3 I think so around 9 years which is quite a long time. I felt really bad because I sat there for ages this morning talking to her and other random people without acknowledging that it was her birthday. Then I remembered and blurted it out. So Happy Birthday Sian!

I am so glad that I don't have another clarinet lesson until the 26th November because it takes so much effort to practice efficiently, that I really can't be bothered. It's actually been really bad. I have done no homework today, I've just said that I would do it tomorrow in my frees, though I probably won't actually do that. I need to read 1984 and A Brave New World. I just need to broaden my literary horizon. I also need to finish Pride and Prejudice, and read a few other classics, though I really can't read them as well as I can modern novels like A Handmaid's Tale or Memoirs of A Geisha or Sophie's World, which I have grown to love because it has unconsciously taught me a lot about philosophy, so now I just 'know' things and can answer intelligent questions. I like that. They are just some of the more intelligent books that I love.

I bought a newspaper today. I felt so proud of myself and I've read the front cover. Still I'm pretty proud and I will get round to reading it. I promise. Well I'll force myself. Mind you I am finding all this stuff about the fall of the Berlin wall very interesting. This is maybe why I should have taken history. Damn bad teachers from year 7 to year 9 have a bad influence on me.

Chartjackers is 14th in the pop charts, which to be honest I think is pretty damn amazing, thinking about how it's got next to no radio play and no TV coverage apart from BBC Switch. My friend Fe, who reads this, so hi Fe! Went to BBC Switch live, and she came in on Monday screaming at me "I saw you on the screen at a music concert!!!!" I was like sorry what? She said "I saw you in the Chartjacker's music video! I started screaming, then everyone around me started scream and I was like, no no, they are my friends on the screen!" That was pretty cool to experience. haha.

I had a lovely chat with my friend Mia today about life and school and impressions on people we knew, even though it was a bit gossipy, it was nice to talk to her for a while about relevant things because I've never really spoken to her before this year much, apart from in choir xD. But I enjoyed it, especially because we were suppose to have biology and my lesson got cancelled because the teacher wasn't here. YEY for 6th form and not having supply teachers EVER! :D

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