Tuesday, 17 November 2009


I feel like such a music nerd right now, but who cares god damn it. I got into KYWO, which is to say I got into Kent Youth Wind Orchestra which is freaking amazing! :D I am so proud of myself. I have a feeling I have commented on this before in my previous blog, but who cares man, lets spread the joy. I'm even on a list at school.

In other musical news: I am so happy about the ChartJackers song and how they came 36th in the UK charts. I just think it's an amazing way to show how the internet - the thing that adults think is a 'bad' thing has come together and done something good, involving all types of people, from all over the world. I don't think I would even have minded if it came 50th and out of the charts, but the fact that it is makes it just so much more amazing. I walk round school and hear people singing it, and I just have the thought in my head that "Oo, that was something I was involved in" makes you feel warm inside, y'know? Also the fact that I almost never have contributed to Children in Need, but now I have and it does feel good. I have been part of something that has created a ton of money for people who don't have the chance to do something that I do.

So, Thank You internet and everyone who took ChartJackers upon themselves.

I have got to the stage where I have no more memory left on my phone for messages, so every time I receive one I have to delete about 10, which is horrible. I can't delete them all at once, I can't let them all go like that. So I do it gradually, but it really is not much fun. I find myself sieving through the whole folder finding texts which have no significance. But they all do. Ah well, something digital is never completely gone, I can go search/hack into files when I am older and desperate and find every email, every text, every internet or phone conversation I have ever had. Scary, huh?

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