Thursday, 26 November 2009

I have the sudden urge to watch Wild Child...

It's been almost 10 days, and I feel pretty bad for just letting my blog pass by in my life. But the truth is, is that I have been really busy. With school. It's just the least interesting thing to be busy with, and it's not even as if I have done anything out of the ordinary, but I haven't had time to eat lunch for the past two days even. And that takes a lot of busy-ness. I had a bad day on Monday, I just woke up and it was dark and it was rainy, and from then I knew that that day would be bad, and rightly so, it lived up to my expectations. Nothing drastically bad went wrong, but just all the little things added together just made me want to go home and cry, though I didn't. Then on Tuesday it rained again and I had all six periods today. Yes SIX. So I had to stay after school for biology and then walk all the way down into town, which is like a mile, then catch a bus, and then walk from the bus stop, home, which in total took 2 hours. I was not happy.

Anyway today was good, despite the absence of my lunch time. But what can you do when there is a physco music teacher who makes you rehearse the whole of lunch for something that really doesn't require a lot of effort to practice, and where I only play around five different notes. argh! Other than that, Vikki has a date tomorrow with Jordan xD, we want to go and follow them, when Vikki heard mine and Emily's plan she immediately kicked up a fuss (goodness knows why :P) and then told her that if we couldn't do that, then she had to give us a text update every five minutes, she said this was rude. We said, Oh well. This is what going to a girls school for 5 years does to you. And now there are boys in the 6th form. It's pretty weird/lovely.

I really can't remember everything that has happened in the last 10 days. I really can't. I have some impossible maths homework, and it really does make me feel stupid, seeing as I am in Maths Studies, which is the lowest maths group at IB level, and I still can't do the blooming algebra.

Tomorrow we are putting up the outside Christmas Tree and hanging up some window decorations ready for the 1st of December. :)
I said to everyone that I thought Christmas didn't really begin until the 16th December, but now I have to go back on my word. I'm crazy excited. On Monday I am going Christmas shopping with my friends to buy presents for EVERYONE! I am so not going to have any money left after that trip. We have Friday and Monday off. FOUR DAY WEEKEND. CELEBRATE! So at this moment I am really happy.

Yey. Apart from stupid maths. But who needs that anyway. Right?

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