Thursday, 10 December 2009

Dr Who

Charlotte and I have recently become very into Dr Who. We've only ever watched a few before, and never followed it. So I decided to start to watch it. Ellen's sister is a crazy fan of the show and has every episode on DVD, so we asked if we could borrow it around a month ago. A month has now past and we have just finished series 2. And oh my gosh! The last episode was so sad and heart wrenching. All I want to do is squee every time I think about it. Just The Dr and Rose being separated when they loved each other, oh, it was just so sad. I cried. I've never really cried at anything on a screen before, (apart from Dumbledore's death in HP6, but that was just teary eyed) I don't know if it was unstable stressed state at the moment, or whether it was the actually amazing acting, but both of those combined made me really sad when I watched it. So yes, now I am ready for series 3, and I am well on my way to becoming an avid Dr Who fan. I think this all happened after I realised how wonderfully crafted and made and acted 'Water's of Mars' was. So yey for that, and one of my best friends, Emily has also watched them all so we now have lively conversations about the show and all the crazy things that happen in them.

Yes, my unstable state of stress is bad. I have not taken my clarinet or saxophone out of their cases all week, and that takes a lot. Monday I had to go to Buckmore Park, where I help out at the learning zone, with children, which lasted until 7pm and I went straight from school. Tuesday I had a lesson after school which lasted until 4:10 and then I had a meeting about Oxbridge preparation at 6:30, so I decided just to stay at school until then with Jay. That went on until 8pm! It was slightly crazy, but I feel now I know what I need to do and how I can strive to get there. Woop! Then on Wednesday we had to organise and throw this party for the senior citizens in our area. All of the 6th formers were really forced to stay there until around 7pm, to sort out food and decorations and performing acts, and then to actually talk to the old folk. It was pretty hard to talk to them, so I resorted to washing up in the school kitchen. Which was actually quite awesome, as if we got to see behind the scenes at school. Hehe. We sang musical songs, whilst washing up. It was fun. But then I got home, and realised how tired I really was. And I was very tired. So I basically haven't done any homework for ages. I have an English exam (real one) in a presentation form on Monday, which I am only half ready for. I have no weekend, because I have a music course. I lost my maths, music and German folder for around two days. I basically don't have time to sleep. I feel like I am failing German. So do you see and feel my stress. Un-fun times. But what can you do.
I am sure that all will pick up soon enough, so I am grabbing all my opportunities to be happy at the moment. So all is okay. And I am sorry if I had snapped at anyone recently. It's dark times. For everyone. Seriously.

The Christmas cards have started to arrive, so all is jolly and Christmassy, we have a tree, but my mum refuses to put it up until around the 22nd, as she claims 'it will just dry out' but hey ho. Tomorrow is Friday, and it seems like far to long ago since I blogged.

Okay ew. My mum just opened the fridge and it stinks of cheese. She has bought a lot.

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