Wednesday, 30 December 2009

2009, A year that came and went just as fast

There are only two days left of 2009, and I feel a bit sad leaving behind this year and this century really, because it was from 2000 to 2009 that I grew up the most.

Scotland and Edinburgh Fringe Festival (Summer Holidays)
This was crazily good fun. Just walking up and down the high street for hours on end trying to collect as many leaflets as possible and talking to cute guys who really wanted you to come to their show, but in the end having to decline to tempting offer because we were going home. Good times.
School in general
School was just too much fun this year despite exams and such. So many good memories including, yellow lemons, bush pushings and crazy cramming revision sessions.
Potter Party
Even at 16 I am such a nerdy child :)
Class of 04-09
Half Blood Prince Premier
Awesome despite the rain, I just love how we met people in the station, on the train, in random street in London all united as one at 6pm in Leicster Square. I love Harry Potter too much <3

German Exchange in England (Jenny, Julia, Charlotte and Julia)
I had so much fun on both of these trips and it was just nice to live a bit of a German life for a while. It was relaxing and tiring and scary, but most of all it was great fun and everyone really became closer, not just towards our exchange partners but with other people from England on the trip.
German Exchange in Traben-Trabach (Leaving day)

New Year's Eve 2009 in Denmark
I just remember there being millions of fireworks and the sky being so clear. There is always an inside joke when we go to Denmark about the weather on New Year's Eve, because one year it was so foggy that when we fired a rocket up in the air we only heard it. We never saw all it's beautiful lights and colours. Thankfully this time our hundreds of fireworks didn't go to waste.
Denmark - Summer Holiday
I love walking round Copenhagen on a hot summers day and doing nothing other than enjoying it and walking along the canal with your sunglasses on and an icecream in your hand.
End of GCSE celebration to Alton Towers
This was the most fun I have had in a long time. All my best friends together, at a theme park, for two days, driven in a minibus, and being crazy without alcohol consumption. These are friends at the very best.

Vikki's Party
It's nice to have a girl sleepover once in a while, with gossip, makeup and mario kart wii xD
I love you guys and seriously, this year would not have been as good without you!
Summer in the City
A spur of the moment "Shall we go?" lead to a wonderful day filled with memoires that I'll never forget. Number one? The biggest pass the parcel circle I have EVER seen.
Ah crazy photo!

I loved 2009, so lets hope 2010 will be just as wonderful. There are lots of things which I haven't included in pictures, so I shall list.
  • My failed audition at NYT - taught me a lot despite failing, and urged me to try again, just because it was so much fun.
  • Benenden Music School, is just full of quotes and friends and frolics and fun, and makes me want to go back every time I think about it.
  • The start of emeraldsandstuff was awesome and I still enjoy making videos now. Basically just becoming more involved in the internet and not just being a 'spectator'.
  • Chartjackers project was just a good laugh, being in the music video made me feel awesome, really just giving to a charity in a fun way was amazing.
  • Getting accepted into KYWO was brilliant and SO SO SO SO unexpected.
  • Doctor Who craze with Charlotte is slightly insane, but our kind of insane is fabulous and nothing else.
  • All the shows I have been to see, including, Spring Awakening, Annie Get Your Gun, Wicked, All's Well that Ends Well, Waiting for Godot. I am so lucky.
  • Random trips to London
  • Random trips to Ellen's
  • Cycling trips
  • SNOW

Don't you just love life?

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It will be great to watch Spring Awakening,i have bought tickets from looking forward to it.