Wednesday, 16 December 2009


Snow! Snow! Snow!
I walked out of philosophy and there was snow, falling, in some what small quantities, but it got bigger throughout fourth period. SNOW! We we're all so distracted. Our focus levels really are dwindling at school. But oh well, it's almost Christmas, and snow has made it so much more exciting. Since when does it ever snow BEFORE Christmas in England. Almost never, so this is literally amazing stuff. Today was good, I had a prize giving rehearsal, so I missed period 1 for no apparent reason what so ever. We basically had to sit for a photo with the low sun in our eyes, walk off the stage, round towards music, through the side door, round the back of the seating, up on the stage, mime shaking hands and receiving our prize and sitting back down again. And that my friends, took an hour. Yes really, one hour. I didn't really do much in any my other lessons, and my clarinet lesson was cancelled, so it was a pretty awesome day, topped with snow and home study. We cycled home it the snow which was cold, yet very lovely. And since I've been home I have been wrapping presents and making sweets and cards for all my friends. This is literally the only time I have done something remotely relaxing since I got home at 3pm.

Yesterday was the annual carol concert our school hold down at the cathedral in our town, got out of lessons there as well, and I've done no homework for the past five days, do I really deserve this prize for outstanding academic achievement? Haha. Anyway, I play clarinet in the orchestra, along with a few others in my year and I have to say we are all pretty good at playing. Really, we only play hymns which are easily the simplest thing to play in the world of music. No crazy notes, time signatures, and key signatures, yet a bunch of year 7's decide to sit at the front and 'play'. And when I say 'play' I mean, hold their clarinets up to their mouths and blow random notes down it. It was so infuriating when they didn't play a right note, or it one of the squeaked. I mean, seriously, what is the point in coming when you can't even play or remember what a C is. And to top it all off, the trumpet guy behind us didn't ever look at the conductor, or couldn't follow him at least, because he was always ahead of everyone else and LOUD. Things like these make me angry. So that is the rant over.

I am very excited for Christmas, tomorrow should be a good day and Friday is forcast heavy snow fall with severe weather warnings, though I would quite like to go to school that day as the year 13's put on an entertainment sort of thing, usually with a quest to save Christmas (or save the school from turning blue), the teachers being portrayed very dramatically, and basically trying to make as much of a fool out of the teachers as possible. It's always something we talk about and classes talk about their performances years in advance. So that's why I would like to go to school on Friday, plus Emma is going to see Muse and wants to get to London. But I want a substantial amount of snow and LOTS on Saturday please.

I just saw an advert for Dr Who Christmas special, I am so excited! It basically just showed a shot of him in a large space with rubble around him. It was only a second but STILL! AAArrrrghh!

And on that note...

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