Friday, 14 May 2010

The week that has passed.

"You have five minutes of the exam remaining." Five minutes passed and it was all over. Mocks are finished nothing can change my grades now. It has been decided.
You know, after a week of exams, revision, exams, revision, eating, revision, exams, eating, revision, final exam, I am quite glad to be back to a normal timetable next week. I have literally had time for nothing else and it seems I have become some what more of a geek than I already was in this past week. It felt weird not to revise and not to always have something to do. This weekend is going to be lovely. I have nothing planned other than a post-mock-celebration this evening and a gathering for my friends birthday, then music tomorrow. But I have no homework and nothing I really need to do. It's nice to have no stress and no time limit to something.
I literally love everyone in my classes this year. It's so nice to have people around you who you can be completely yourself around for better or worse sides of your personality, but it's nice to be comfortable with a group of people and not have to fake anything. You take them for their weird crazed obsessions with Korean bands, and they take you for your completely insane Doctor Who theories.
Last exam was democratic philosophy, so although there is a lot to learn, once in the exam you can basically just write about what you want creating an argument based upon your own views with a few examples of philosophical ideas, theories and people. It was quite enjoyable to say the least.
I have also enjoyed my occasional day off from exams where I have eaten, revised and sung to my hearts content with no one in the house to hear me or tell me to shut up. It's been a wonderful time.

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