Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Nothing more

Pretty much all my life I have worked hard to be where I am and what I achieve now. What I achieve is average and most of the time that's okay. Sometimes it's not. Sometimes it's the most annoying, frustrating and irritating thing ever! It also doesn't help when on the day you get your exam results back, someone who is sat in the same class as you every lesson gets a higher grade than your insignificant 4-, and whilst you are there looking at the comments at the bottom of the page about how vague and ill-prepared your essay is, you hear the person next to your who got the highest mark shrug it off and say 'I don't mind not getting the best grade, I didn't care about that exam, I didn't do a single bit of revision for it.' That's when it gets too much and it's difficult to be that person who works so hard and achieves below average. Almost every grade I have got back has made my self-confidence slip a great amount and truly makes you question whether all the work you put in is worth it in the end. I know it's stupid and something that I just have to get over and I sound really really ignorant saying this, but for once I actually want all my work to pay off and I want to get the best in the class, because in the end that's what we all want isn't it? To be better than everyone else and to rise above the crowd where we keep being swallowed and unseen.

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