Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Sudden heat

Isn't the weather lovely? Seriously, the past weekend and Monday were glorious, though being British we have to complain about the weather whatever it is, and so I stick with the conventions and say 'it was a little bit too hot'. You know, just a bit. All the same though, it really was enjoyable. I spent Monday without a blazer and almost all school normalities were dropped. People wore dresses, teachers sunbathed on the field, everyone bought ice lollies and work was slacked as we all claimed it was 'too hot to work.' At lunch our whole IB class met out on the field, ate lunch, exchanged stories and pretty much attempted and failed to get a tan without getting overbearingly hot. The sun does make everyone happier and it brings everyone together even if it is to moan about the heat collectively. Too all of our likes as well as our indecisive dislikes today was much cooler than yesterday.

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