Saturday, 1 May 2010


The first of May. I swear months just seem to fly right past my eyes. In a year I will have left school and will be preparing for 'real-deal' exams that count more than anything else. Know what uni I'm going to etc... It's insane. I still remember year 7 at school. I remember my form room, my form teacher, I remember where everyone sat. I always used to go round that class seating plan in my head to make sure I remembered everyone in my form when I wrote Christmas cards to everyone. Some of them moved on to different schools and colleges last year, but next year all my friends will be going to different places all over Britain and even all over the whole world. Seriously, it's kind of scary how much I can remember from 6 years ago as clearly as I can. I love the fact we have memories. Not only for the things that matter and shape us as a person affecting us for, what is sometimes the entirety of our lives, but also the small irrelevant things that in no way matter to your life apart from that time of reflection and acknowledgment that something happened in the past that you still remember. It's nice to have those little bits of useless memory.

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