Sunday, 9 May 2010

A list of 11 down to 5

It's a bit scary to think that in a years time I will know what university I am going to go to. Yesterday I went to my first 'real' open day at Warwick university. It's a campus university, which basically means that the university itself is almost a small town. with shops and cafes and restaurants for the students who live there to use. Everything is there, you seriously would never need to leave the campus. Anyway, I was going with the impression that I wouldn't really like it. Bit too many students in one place, no where to escape to, you're basically always at school, which is why I had always thought that I wouldn't really like a campus university and I would prefer to go to a college based or a city one instead. But I loved it! It's not completely in a bubble of it's own, and it's big enough so that you can get away from everyone, yet small enough so that you could know your way around in no time and always have friends close by. The English course sounds near perfect for me, with such flexibility I could pretty much make my very own unique degree course for myself and be very happy. It's very modern and all the buildings are really nice and practical. The one thing that I think really won me over was the arts centre they have in the middle of the campus. It is beautiful, with a huge theatre, cinema, EVERYTHING! and I love theatre, so that I one thing I would definitely feel was the place to be if I went there.

I want to go and see every university that I am considering, but they are so far away some of them, taking either about 5 hours in the car or costing my whole bank account for a return train ticket. I have a list of 11 that I need to whittle down to just 5. It's so difficult.

On the way up Catriona and I had a conversation about how we both felt like we were still 11 years old starting at our 'new, secondary school'. Oh scarier times are to come!

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