Friday, 7 May 2010

The Hunger Games

Sometimes I don't think that children or teen books get enough good things said about them. Of course, there is the whole Twilight franchise which has gone a bit too overboard for a story which is not so great. But there are other books apart from Harry Potter which have recently come into the light. One of those books is, The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. I came across it on YouTube, which a few of the people I was subscribed to, living in the US had read. It is a children's book, and I am 17. Yet this book is so captivating. When I was younger I didn't enjoy reading all the much. I was pretty much limited to Jaqueline Wilson, and then later Harry Potter. I didn't feel that any of the books were exciting, and I think this is something that all children seek in a book. Excitement and thrill, something that happens quickly and straight away, whipping them into the world right from the moment they read the first page of the book, otherwise it just gets left on the shelf. So despite The Hunger Games being, largely a book written for children I felt that I needed to read it. So I went into a bookshop one day and got it off the shelf. When I reached the cash desk the cashier told me how great a book this was and how exciting it was. She was around 25. At school once I had finished I had to tell everyone about it. And soon enough I had leant out my book to around 3 people all of whom had finished almost in one day of reading it. It's quick and it's gutsy. It doesn't concern overly itself with frilly topics such as best friends and boys (though this is part of the book), but its full of topics that could affect our world. In some ways it represents the perfect dystopia. The implications, celebrations, the terror, and constantly asks questions such as what is good and bad? What is right and wrong? Is there such thing as fate?
For all older people out there. Seriously read this book. So good.

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FeFeFeFe said...

OH MY GOD. i love the hunger games. Bring on August 24th <3