Monday, 10 May 2010

Revision is making me fat

Revision is making me fat. I just eat a lot, all the time to help me get myself through my revision. It's not good. I'll take you through Friday/Saturday. Though not a revision day, this is how much I eat.
Friday consisted of a grapefruit, a plate of pasta with a tomato bacon sauce I made myself (very proud), bearing in mind that that was around 3pm. At 6:30 Catriona came, we went out for Chinese with her family, then stopped off at the coop on the way home to buy food for the journey to Warwick and the evening. Came home, ate a big bar of chocolate and half a bag of haribo. Then we woke up had a croissant and a plate of fruit. In the car we ate 2 kinder buenos each, the rest of the haribo, and half a bag of mint imperials - between three people. Once we got there after 2 and a half hours we had some tea and carrot cake which was SO nice. Then we walked around for a few hours, having lunch around 2pm which consisted of pasta with roasted vegetables, and the way home we ate the rest of the mints and some more chocolates. So, I ate a lot. It was insane. I couldn't eat anything for around 2 meals. I swear I eat more than the normal person. But not that much. It's a wonder I'm not fat.

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