Tuesday, 13 April 2010


Okay I am yet again feeling the urge to blog about nothing really. Mainly to stray away from revision and boredom. I hate boredom, I actually feel like it's one of the worst feelings in the world. Just what to do and having nothing to do. No wait, the worst is being bored but knowing you have something to do. Which is basically all the time. Even now I'm thinking I should read a book, write an essay, revise for biology, tidy my room and do a million more important things other than writing a blog. But here I am again, writing with a lack of imagination and creativity.
So nothing has happened here today, nor will anything exciting happen in the next couple of days. I seem to lead weeks and weeks of 'interesting life' and then whole months of 'my life is so boring' I just love being engaged in something I love doing all the time and even though I love playing clarinet and reading, it's the fact that I've just finished working for my clarinet grade and played for a week virtually non-stop and the fact that if I sit down with a fiction book I know that in my mind there will be a little voice pestering me and knocking on my cells crying 'don't read that, read Mill!' which I find so mundane that's it drives me insane and while I read there is another voice screaming 'you don't understand that, go back and read the WHOLE section over again, outloud if you have to!' It is so difficult to read and grasp, especially when you get pushed right into the deep end, having read virtually no philisophical books other than a couple of chapters of Decartes (where he debates about what wax really is, gets himself all confused, says 'well, I'll have to doubt everything, goes to sleep, starts a new chapter saying 'I got confused yesterday') and Sophie's world, which I really quite enjoyed, though the story line made it a lot more stimulating for me to read. To top it all of, it's one of my set texts which I have to know back to front in order to pass the exam. Hum.

I have a few trips to the theatre lined up when I go back to school. First of all Oliver with the school for a music trip. Though I would never go and see it on my own, I am actually quite excited to see it with all my friends, plus one of my favourite West End actors is in it, so that should be quite good to see her take on such a different role in a show. Then 4 days after I'm going to see Enron with my dad whilst my mum and Charlotte see War Horse (we're already seen it - one of my favourite plays). It's meant to be very well performed and received 5 stars in the guardian with many articles about it and the topics it covers. Then in May, we're all going to see Spring Storm, which I only just got tickets for at the National Theatre. It's one of Tennessee Williams' earliest works and the acting is said to be brilliant and costing only 10 pounds I couldn't resist.

The pound sign on my keyboard is lost. It's set to a European keyboard for some bizarre reason and I can't find out how to switch it back. I have located every other symbol other than that one, so it's a little odd.

I really don't have any other news other than this computer on a whole feels weird to be on after spending a long time with my new Mac. Windows is not the same. I think I'm a convert.

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