Saturday, 7 August 2010

Connections and Impulses

So I think I finally have my five university choices sorted out. They will probably change and I won't have a clue where to go in a couple of weeks. I'll freak out when I actually have to select them on my UCAS form and make a last second impulsive decision that I don't think about and that eventually turns out to be wrong so that I have to tell someone I want to change it and then there will be a massive great big 'hoo-hah' about the whole thing and then I will once again be back to where I was and my original five choices.

I am currently listening to the proms, and its so good! Just the right amount of everything. Crash of a symbol, punch of a trombone, waltzing violins and a bright clarinet. I feel I have a connection when the clarinet plays the tune. I feel in a way proud. Likewise when reading a bit of Dickens and he describes the marshes in Great Expectations and the places in London I can so relate to that and understand that he has seen the things that I, too have seen. That's wonderful. And Shakespeare - I went to see Henry IV at the Globe. It was the first time I had seen that play and I loved it, but more so, with the fact that the play was in constant referral to the town and area that I lived in. I feel in tune with the play and the writer.

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