Monday, 26 July 2010

The past days

The last few weeks have been crazy. I went to band camp for a week, came home and went to school for 2 days, then I had a group 4 project for my IB in science where our brief was simply 'design a bag' nothing more, nothing less. So we had a range of groups with bags ranging from a completely biodegradable bag, a santa bag 2000 to a pooper scooper glove. Really coursework can be as exciting as you want it to be. At the end of those 2 days school was over for me. I was no longer in year 12, and now I face 1 final year left at school, and I feel no where near ready to leave yet! Saturday I went to see Inception - oh my god, what a film. It had me gripped from beginning to end, and even though I left the cinema confused and had to get Charlotte to explain it to me with the use of diagrams, which resulted in us both becoming some what more confused about certain elements of the plot, it was still amazingly clever and awesome. Sunday was an early start and a long drive up to the Peak District for my Duke of Edinburgh practice gold expedition. What a week! Seriously, who would have ever thought walking 70km in 4 days could ever be so much fun. Achey feet, wet shoes and heavy backpacks just added to the hilarity of the whole week and at the end of the week on the way home everyone of us agreed that we could have kept going for another few days without having a mental breakdown. Saturday literally consisted of much needed sleep and a disappointing shopping trip in which I bought nothing. I hate shopping trips like that. They are so pointless and every shop you enter and exit bearing nothing just makes you want to shop less and thus the trip becomes increasingly pointless, to the point where even a nice dress seems not wroth buying as there will probably be 'something else nicer somewhere else.' Then Sunday was the Doctor Who proms, it was something I always wanted to go to loving a live orchestra and Doctor Who being my favourite TV show so I had to go. We left the house early. I mean at around 4:30am to queue up for promming tickets. It was so worth it. Not only is London deserted on a Sunday morning and lovely, but we were less than a metre away from Matt Smith's beautiful face. The music was immense and atmosphere was amazing. I am so going again next year :D

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