Friday, 30 July 2010

Hairdresser's small-talk

So are you at 6th form?
Yes, yeah at RGS

Oh, alright, do you like it there?
Its alright yeah...

*hair dryer starts*

Got much planned for the rest of the day then?

Are you doing anything this afternoon?
Oh, erm, not a lot. A couple of friends are coming round this afternoon.

Ah, nice...

Does anyone else hate going to the hairdresser and having to converse in small talk to people you don't know and quite possibly have nothing in common with.
If I told her what I was going to do this afternoon I would have told her: My friends are coming round this afternoon, we need to transpose some hymns that we're playing at one of my friend's church on Sunday and also to practice them. Then we're going to see Toy Story 3.
I'm sure she would know exactly how to respond to that.

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