Sunday, 19 December 2010

In my last post I commented on my love of snow. Now I am here to express my dislike of the very same substance. Or rather, my temporary dislike for it. It's hard to stay annoyed at it for long seeing as it cannot retaliate and the fact that it does look so pretty, and even more so close to christmas. This, however is an open letter to snow:

Dear Snow,

You are so pretty, so beautiful, so soft. You are just the right amount of cold and wet for you to be fun to run around and play in, but you do cause so much disruption. As an avid fan of yours I am highly disappointed with your timing. To be frank I don't think it is fair to cause pain to so many wonderful people who need to showcase their talents in the form of annual Christmas concerts. Due to your less than perfect timing all three of my planned Christmas concerts have been cancelled leading to day full of nothing to do and immediate boredom and lost time. These are things that I look forward to, Snow and seeing as these concerts were the last of their kind for me I feel that I can be rightly upset. Now, you better hurry up and leave so I can go to Denmark. If you do not comply, there will be serious consequences which include me hating you forever. If you do let off, then I will slowly begin to love you again, though it will take time.



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