Friday, 11 June 2010

Summer despite the rain

I made cookies for my class on a whim today. It was nice to do something unexpected for everyone whilst they were all feeling a little down and deflated about life in general (which seems to be the over-ruling mood at the moment). I think they were appreciated.
It also seems that the moment I plan to do something at the weekend I receive a ton of work literally a mountain high, none of which take less than an hour to complete, and all of which have some complication that I have to somewhat miraculously overcome.
It seems that my ride from London to Brighton (54 miles) has crept up on me pretty quickly without me detecting it, and yet I come home and sit on the sofa eating a jar of cookies and watching TV not even thinking twice about actually going for a long bike ride as part of training. I just enjoy telling myself: "you'll be fiiiiine, you cycle to school everyday." Though infact I only cycle around 10miles everyday. Add 44 to that and that's 50 miles. Argh! Never mind, I'll do okay. I have stamina. I hope.
You know what. I really want to starting acting again in plays and such, but everything is on at the same time. I swear every single drama group is on at 12 on a Saturday, just in time for me NOT to be able to go. Hey ho such is life. I need more hours in the day.
I seriously think that we wish away our lives. Even now I'm wishing it was Saturday already. Why don't we just live for the moment. It annoys me, and I annoy myself. Summer is SOON!

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